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General Patent Represents Patent Owners FacingPatent Infringement

General Patent Secures Settlements for Patent Enforcement Clients

Licensing and Enforcement of U.S. Patents

If your U.S. Patent has been infringed, General Patent Corporation can assist you in the enforcement of the Patent – regardless of where you are located – and do so at no cost to you! That's why General Patent Corporation (GPC) is the leading U.S. Patent licensing and enforcement firm.

As a center for innovation and cutting-edge technology, many Israeli inventors, engineers and scientists – as well as Israeli businesses and universities – file for and receive U.S. Patents. And when those U.S. Patents are infringed, patent holders turn to General Patent because we work on a 100% contingency basis. General Patent finances and supervises a comprehensive patent enforcement campaign on behalf of the inventor, business or university. The patent owner pays General Patent nothing! We engage a law firm to litigate the lawsuit, and we cover all litigation expenses. And only General Patent Corporation offers our unique Suite of Services.

Payment to GPC for our services comes from the revenue we generate for our client, the patent owner. GPC and the patent owner share in the net proceeds of the patent enforcement effort and patent litigationper an agreed-to formula. Should General Patent fail to secure compensation for the patent owner, we write off our investment in the patent enforcement campaign, and the patent owner owes us nothing!

In the U.S., patent infringement is not a crime. It is a civil matter, so a patent owner whose patent has been infringed has only one option: Sue the infringer for patent infringement. However, litigating a patent infringement lawsuit in the U.S. is very expensive, costing from several hundred thousand to several million U.S. Dollars! That’s why patent owners in Israel – and throughout the rest of the world – turn to General Patent Corporation to finance and manage their U.S. patent infringement litigation.

If you believe your U.S. Patent has been infringed, complete an Enforcement Analysis Request. There is no charge and it is completely confidential.

If you have a U.S. Patent or Patents that you want to sell, contact our patent broker business unit.